HD Series

The HD Series is Munson's standard design for blending of low- to medium-density, free-flowing materials and other moderately demanding applications. Solid, robust construction of these machines exceeds the so-called "extra heavy duty" designs of many competitive units.


XHD Series

Munson's XHD Series machines are custom designed and constructed for the most demanding applications including poor-flowing, abrasive, heavy or difficult-to-mix materials having high bulk densities.


Ribbon blender seals


Ribbon blender seals


Ribbon blender seals



MUNSON® blenders are offered with the following discharge gates:


Paddle Gates

Integral to the blending vessel, Paddle Gates consist of a metal plate sliding across a metal opening with no gasketing. Although Paddle Gates are ineffective at preventing the leakage of fine powders and have a medium-size dead spot, they are the most economical option for less demanding applications, and offer quick action.


Knife Gate (and Slide Gates)

Flange-mounted Knife Gates and Slide Gates have a small dead spot, provide positive opening and closing against material flow, offer gasketing to seal against leakage, and are available in sanitary take-apart designs for easy cleaning.


Plug Gate

Mounted directly to the vessel's U-shaped bottom, Plug Gates precisely match the interior contour of the vessel wall, eliminating the dead spot common to other valve designs. However, since it cannot normally be closed against the flow of material, plug gates are not intended for metering or uninterrupted flow.


Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valves are flange-mounted with a pronounced dead spot, but are also versatile, economical and available in take-apart, easy-to-clean designs.


Spherical Discharge Valve

Spherical Discharge Valves (also known as "Dome Valves") have a smaller dead spot than other flange-mounted designs, and offer positive opening and closing against material flow.


Universal Flanges

In lieu of discharge gates, MUNSON blenders are also offered with universal flanges for connection of customer-supplied flow control devices.



Power requirements and the type of drive are determined by the density and flow characteristics of the blended material. MUNSON uses only premium quality motors, gearboxes, and bearings for reliability and extreme long life under demanding continuous duty. Horsepower is calculated to provide the highest available output torque without sacrificing energy efficiency. Main-shaft-mounted helical gear reducers are standard on MUNSON blenders up to 30 HP (22.38 kw), while larger blenders employ a foot-mounted helical gear reducer with chain and sprockets as standard. Other drive configurations are available, such as direct drives, in-line drive arrangements, clutches, and modified drive arrangements to address space limitations.



All MUNSON horizontal blenders are equipped as standard with hinged and gasketed cover sections, and removable safety grating with safety interlocks. Custom cover arrangements include but are not limited to inlet ports, vents, hinged sections, safety grates, bag dump stations or dust hoods, filter socks, etc. Structurally reinforced and clamped covers are available for low pressure or low vacuum requirements.


  • Materials of construction: carbon steel, #304/304L and #316/316L stainless steel and abrasion-resistant steel (AR-200/235)
  • Interior finishes include: standard clean mill finish; sanitary USDA finish; 2B, #4, and #7 mirror pharmaceutical finishes; and electroplated and/or passivated finishes. Interior radiused weld polishes range from standard 80 grit clean welds to 240 grit
  • Solid, seamless shafts with integral journals
  • Multiple discharges
  • Side clean-out access doors
  • Hybrid agitator configurations
  • Internal spray manifolds for introduction of liquid additions
  • High-speed choppers and intensifier bars for additional shear and de-agglomeration
  • Integral low-pressure and ASME code high-pressure jackets for water-cooling or steam/oil heating
  • Thermowells (thermocouples) for temperature sensing
  • Support legs and platforms
  • Ancillary equipment such as bag dump stations, hoppers, magnets, etc.
  • Rotational speed switches
  • Steam injection ports

MUNSON ribbon, paddle and plow blenders range in capacity from 1 to 500 cu ft (.03 to 14 cu m).
Each is designed and built to deliver top efficiency and longevity for specific applications.

MUNSON<sup>®</sup> Ribbon blender

MUNSON Ribbon blender

MUNSON Ribbon blender

MUNSON Ribbon blender

MUNSON Ribbon blender

MUNSON Ribbon blender

MUNSON Ribbon blender

MUNSON Ribbon blender

MUNSON Ribbon blender