Slash capital and operational costs when blending long runs of dry bulk solids with or without liquid additions, quickly, uniformly and gently

The MUNSON® Rotary Continuous Mixer cuts labor and operational costs dramatically when mixing dry bulk solids, with or without liquid additions, in-line over long product runs. Delivers uniform blends — typically in one to two minutes residence time — gently and with low energy use.

  • Low cost mixing of long product runs
  • Low labor costs compared to batch mixers
  • Gentle action prevents material degradation
  • Accurate blend ratios to 99.9%
  • Rapid mixing: 1 to 2 minutes residence time typical
  • Lowest energy use per amount of material blended
  • Stationary inlet and stationary outlet allow for hard piping
  • Handles abrasive and corrosive products, and materials with high bulk densities
  • Automatic material evacuation at the end of product runs using an optional reversing discharge weir
  • Small footprint per amount of material processed
  • Industrial and sanitary designs, construction and finishes
  • Long life with minimal maintenance

A money-saving machine for mixing of bulk materials in large volumes, the MUNSON Rotary Continuous Mixer blends primary bulk ingredients, minor ingredients down to 0.1 percent, and/or liquid additions and coatings — uniformly, gently, rapidly and dust-free.

In an automated system, the MUNSON Rotary Continuous Mixer typically requires only a portion of a single operator's time to monitor the machine, unlike batch mixers that can require multiple operators to stage materials, feed the machine and unload it.

The first dry process mixer purpose-built for continuous operation, it features a stationary inlet, a stationary outlet, and a rotating drum with smooth interior surfaces and proprietary mixing flights that mix dynamically with every degree of drum rotation.

Only a small electric motor is required to rotate the drum at a constant 8 to 10 RPM, saving on initial cost and power consumption.

The low speed yet highly-efficient tumbling action — with no impeller or agitator — cuts residence time for most materials to only 1 to 2 minutes which, together with smooth interior surfaces, produces homogeneous blends more gently than any comparable machine.

To achieve homogeneous blends, an accurate metering system is required to feed ingredients into the stationary material inlet. Material depth is generally set at 25 to 30% by means of a "weir" (dam) at the discharge end of the drum, with residence time and the amount of blended material overflowing the weir determined by the residence volume of the rotating cylinder and the rate of material inflow.

Residence times generally range from one to two minutes. Longer residence times may be required for critical blends containing minor additives, or for materials that require increased dwell time for absorption or other conditioning.

For liquid additions and coatings, an optional spray line mounted above the material bed, sprays liquid onto the cascading material, assuring that every particle is exposed to the spray pattern, yielding uniform coatings.


Mixing flights

Proprietary mixing flights produce a gentle yet efficient back-flow mixing action free of dead spots or internal restrictions. Optional piping (shown) through discharge end feeds liquids through nozzles onto continuously moving material for rapid, thorough coating.


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Mixing action

Back flow mixing action distributes ingredients rapidly, uniformly and gently.


Rotary Continuous Mixer

Processing Breakthrough Products 2021

Rotary Continuous Mixer model CM48x12SS with rotating drum of 48 in. (1,220 mm) diameter x 12 ft
(3.66 m) in length, is constructed of stainless steel finished to sanitary standards. Stationary discharge shown above.


Rotary Continuous Mixer Video

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