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Rotary Batch Dryers/Coolers/Moisturizers

Rotary Batch Dryer 700-TH-20-SS
Rotary Batch Dryer 700-TH-20-SS
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Munson Rotary Batch Equipment is highly effective for drying, cooling or moisturizing of bulk solid materials, independent of or in combination with, blending operations.

Rotary machines can be configured for "direct" drying, cooling or moisturizing, or "indirect" drying or cooling.

Direct dryers, coolers and moisturizers are equipped with a material intake chute configured with ports for the purpose of introducing heated, cooled or moisturized air directly into the batch. The chute slides out from the machine, allowing unrestricted access to the interior of the vessel for rapid, thorough washdown.

Indirect dryers and coolers are equipped with a jacketed vessel that heats or cools the batch indirectly, minimizing exposure of the batch to plant air. Nitrogen-purged systems are offered for eliminating exposure to the atmosphere.

Direct drying, cooling and moisturizing, and indirect drying and cooling with Munson rotary equipment are highly efficient due to the proprietary configuration of the rotating drum internals and the resulting flow pattern of material. Portions of the batch are constantly contacting the sides of the vessel, and are gently folded back towards the horizontal axis, thus affecting a diagonal as well as a vertical tumbling motion, while lifters inside the drum continuously cut out portions of the material and fold them back into the main body of the batch. In conjunction with the constant tumbling and spilling action induced by the drum's rotation, these mixing actions expose a maximum number of particles to the conditioned air circulating through the vessel, or to the heated or chilled walls of the jacketed mixing vessel.

In addition to rapid, energy-efficient drying, cooling and moisturizing, Munson rotary equipment ensures uniform distribution of particles throughout the batch — gently and without degradation. The lifters inside the rotating drum also serve to direct its contents into the discharge spout, making Munson rotary dryers, coolers and moisturizers self-emptying.