• Shreds a diversity of waste and scrap products into strips 1.5 x 6 in. (38 x 152 mm) or smaller
  • Low-speed, high torque operation shreds problematic materials with little or no temperature increase
  • Positive shearing/shredding action minimizes product binding or plugging
  • Smart controls (start/stop/auto-reverse and shutoff)
  • Dual rotor design with rugged, extended cutter teeth that shear and shred large solids while self-cleaning with each rotation
  • Hex-shaped, heat-treated parallel shafts are stronger and more fatigue resistant than traditional keyed bar shafts
  • Handles heavy volumes of through-put with minimal power consumption
  • Proprietary hardened steel cutter heads are heat-treated and through-hardened, yet still allow re-sharpening of cutter tips
  • Isolated bearings and gearing with multiple labyrinth and lip seal design prevent damage to critical bearing areas

Titan Shredder

Titan Shredder constructed of carbon steel reduces the size and volume of scrap plastics, fiberglass, rubber, wood, paper, gypsum wallboard, glass and other waste products.

Shredder blades

Shredder blades are heat-treated and through-hardened, yet allow sharpening of dual cutter tips.