• Internal spray line for the introduction of liquids for coating, flavoring, coloring, agglomeration or impregnation
  • Pressure pot with scale for liquid additions
  • Extra-heavy-duty models for materials with high bulk densities
  • Low pressure or ASME-code jackets for heating or cooling with water, steam or oil
  • Finishes to meet USDA, FDA and pharmaceutical requirements
  • Intensifier for dispersion of difficult-to-blend materials
  • Locking casters for mixer mobility
  • Mixing flights welded or bolted to inside of drum
  • Drain plug for complete discharge of cleaning solutions
  • #304 or #316 stainless steel, carbon steel and abrasion-resistant steel
  • Internal welds with minimum 0.25 in. (6.35 mm) radius, with product contact surfaces of #304 or #316 stainless steel, in #2B Mill Finish, or #4 or #7 polish
  • Support structure and guards available in #304 stainless steel construction
  • Removable discharge hood with vent for directing products into small containers and for dust control
  • Swing-away funnel to assist with product loading into vessel access door
  • Extra drum door for increased access during cleanout
  • Special-purpose discharge covers for extra spray lines, heat circulation, and liquid addition air atomizing
  • Controls in addition to standard NEMA Type 1

Optional Intensifier

The optional Intensifier imparts shear to promote uniform dispersion of non-free-flowing or agglomorated materials.