Sanitary Paddle Blender

UTICA, NY — A new Model HD-2.5-5-SS Sanitary Paddle Blender from Munson Machinery de-agglomerates, blends and conditions dry bulk solids, pastes, emulsions and slurries, achieving uniformity in five to 10 minutes typical.

It handles free- and non-free-flowing materials that are dry, moist, oily, paste-like or otherwise difficult to blend, in batches up to 25 cu ft (0.71 m3).

Intended for food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and other contamination-sensitive materials, as well corrosive bulk chemicals, the "HD" Heavy Duty Series machine features a heavy-gauge, stainless steel U-shaped vessel of extreme rigidity, allowing tolerances of 1/16 to 1/8 in. (1.6 to 3.175 mm) between the outer paddle edges and the trough wall, minimizing the amount of material remaining in the vessel following discharge of blended batches.

The unit's rotating paddles are forced through the batch with less resistance and shear than

imparted by ribbon-type agitators, creating small zones where materials are repeatedly combined as they move slowly along the length of the vessel. The blending action achieves uniform particle distribution throughout bulk solids having poor flow characteristics, as well as solids with low or high percentages of liquids, allowing the production of smooth slurries and pastes.

Powered by a 10 HP (7.45 kW) motor with a helical gear reducer, the agitator is comprised of welded paddles projecting radially from the main shaft, which is flange-mounted for easy, vertical removal, conserving floor space.

All Munson horizontal blenders are equipped as standard with hinged and gasketed cover sections, and removable safety grating with safety interlocks.

Optional internal spray manifolds are available for liquid additions.

Sanitary Paddle Blender

Model HD-2.5-5-SS Sanitary Paddle Blender blends high bulk density materials with total uniformity in five to 10 minutes typical.

Sanitary Paddle Blender

Paddle geometry is customized by application for efficient performance.