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Equipment for Dry Bulk Blending
and Liquid Additions


  • Capacities from 1 to 30 tons/h
  • Batch or continuous configurations, from basic mixers to sophisticated systems with automated controls for high-volume production.
  • Compact systems to fit restricted areas
  • Minimum Cost per pound of material blended
  • All components easily accessible for inspection and maintenance
  • Systems offered for both dry blending and liquid additions
  • Dust-tight construction with connection for central dust collection system
  • Safety ports for explosive conditions and protection of personnel from toxic constituents.
  • Wide range of options including liquid handling systems (pumps, heating tanks, controls, etc.), grate magnets for tramp metal removal, bag or drum fillers and load-out facilities for bulk materials.
  • Match-Marked Before Shipment: Every mixer assembled, match-marked and disassembled prior to shipment, for easy, rapid assembly on site.


  • In order to clearly show details of machines, some covers, shields, doors and guards have either been removed or shown in an open position.
  • Be sure that all protective devices are properly installed before operating equipment.
  • Failure to follow this instruction may result in damage to the machine components and/or personal injury.