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Cylindrical Plow Blender Handles Problematic Solids

Cylindrical Plow Blender handles fibrous, interlocking, dense, abrasive or moist/oily materials with greater effectiveness than trough-style horizontal blenders.
Rapid rotation of plow blades fluidizes material, maximizing material transfer rates while minimizing impact and degradation.
UTICA, NY — A new Cylindrical Plow Blender said to handle materials that are extremely fibrous, interlocking, dense, abrasive or moist/oily, has been introduced by Munson Machinery. The cylindrical unit reportedly blends at higher speeds, with higher intensity and with more uniform results than trough-style ribbon, paddle and plow blenders also manufactured by the company.

It consists of a cylindrical vessel and a horizontally-oriented mixing shaft that rotates about 4-times faster than that of trough-style blenders, which fills the entire mixing vessel with fluidized material, maximizing transfer rates while minimizing impact and degradation.

According to the manufacturer, the unit can achieve 100 percent uniform blends in ratios to one part per thousand, blend significantly faster than trough-style horizontal mixers, and handle a greater variety of materials, with the exception of pastes.

It can be equipped with spray nozzles to coat or agglomerate particles, often with less liquid than would be required with trough-style horizontal blenders.

The blender can be configured with: single or multiple charging ports located on the top of the vessel; contoured access doors on the side; double lip, lantern ring or gas/liquid shaft seals; and a paddle gate, knife gate, plug gate or universal flange at the discharge. It is also available jacketed for heating and cooling applications, and with high-speed intensifiers to increase product dispersion and shear.

Drive options include: a torque arm speed reducer mounted in-line or on a countershaft; a directly coupled, shaft-mounted motor/speed reducer; and a foot-mounted gear-reducer-to-chain sprocket drive.

The unit is equipped with automated controls and constructed of stainless steel finished to sanitary standards.