Cut corn, spices, roots, and other foods and grains into controlled sizes gently, sharply and accurately, with little or no fines or dust

Greater shearing action with less impact than comparable cutters — together with large screen area — produces cleanly-cut particles in high capacities, in sizes from 3/64 to 2.0 in. (1.2 to 50.8 mm).

The MUNSON® Rotary Knife Cutter features a rotor assembly equipped with five full-length knives that cut material against four stationary bed knives until particles become small enough to pass through apertures in a large, semi-cylindrical screen.

Compared with other types of mills, the Rotary Knife Cutter offers greater shear and less impact, yielding particles having exceptionally clean cuts in tightly controlled size ranges, with little or no fines or dust.

An extensive selection of screen sizes allows tight control over end-product sizes, making it ideal to cut or crack corn, grains, spices, roots, chips and similar products.

The rotor knives, which are milled of hardened tool steel and can be re-sharpened, rotate at 550 RPM as standard, imparting centrifugal force that positions particles between cutting edges of the rotating knives and the bed knives, which can be re-sharpened as well as reversed.

Rotational inertia of the solid, heavy-weight rotor assembly, together with high-shear/low-resistance cutting action of the knives, yields greater output per horsepower/kilowatt than with other types of mills.

Material is gravity fed through the infeed hopper at the top of the cutter, into the star-shaped rotor knives. On-size particles pass through a perforated screen having apertures from 3/64 to 2.0 inches (1.2 to 50.8 mm) allowing a wide range of end-product sizes.

The screens provide 320° of exposure, achieving higher throughput rates than other types of mills, even when small-aperture screens are utilized.

The screens are retained within dual-hinged housings with precision-machined channels that allow easy access and rapid screen changes.

Material discharged through a flanged outlet is typically removed by a dilute-phase vacuum conveyor, or gravity fed into a downstream process.

Hinged, safety-interlocked clamshell doors on both sides provide full interior access, allowing clean-out of residual material or thorough sanitizing between production runs.

The rotor assembly rides on sealed flange-block bearings mounted on a heavy-gauge fabricated and machined housing, and is powered by a fully guarded V-belt drive assembly.

Carbon steel or stainless steel construction in a range of finishes is offered to satisfy virtually any industrial or sanitary requirement, including flushing with water or a cleaning solution.




Model #4 Rotary Knife Cutter (used)
Carbon steel


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Carbon steel Model #4-MS Rotary Knife Cutter

Carbon steel Model #4-MS Rotary Knife Cutter equipped with standard pneumatic transition.

Knife Cutter

Heavy gauge steel housings of MUNSON Rotary Knife Cutters provide vibration-free operation.
This carbon steel model #4-MS includes a specialized flanged transition for pneumatic collection
and sealed flange-block ball bearings supporting the rotor assembly.