The MUNSON® Glass Batcher is designed for blending of ingredients (including cullet) comprising glass formulations. It is the answer to the glass industry's need for batcher that can: (1) operate dust-free; (2) produce a 100 percent uniform blend of numerous ingredients in 1.5 minutes; (3) discharge completely in minimum time with no residual; (4) operate quietly and without vibration; and (5) minimize horsepower requirements.

Ideal for basic batch mixing systems as well as integrated, automated systems, the MUNSON Glass Batcher is equipped with flexible connections and radial seals to assure dust-tight operation, and hardened, easy-to-replace wear plates to protect areas prone to abrasion.



Rotary Batch Mixer
Model GB-20 (700-TH-25)

BATCH VOLUME: 40 cu ft (1.00 m3)
TOTAL VOLUME: 76 cu ft (2.15 m3)
"GB" model for glass batching, refractories and other abrasives


While designed to meet glass industry requirements, the MUNSON Batcher is also well suited for mixing of ceramics, refractory products, powdered metal and other highly abrasive materials with extreme reliability and efficiency.

Like all MUNSON Rotary Batch Mixers, the Rotary Glass Batcher is engineered for easy, thorough cleaning and rapid part replacement.


Ideal for Automated and Manually Controlled Systems Alike

Designed for "straight-through" operation, the MUNSON Glass Batcher requires no turning or tilting for loading or unloading. It incorporates internal indicating devices to provide for automatic operation by remote control of charging and discharging. Providing fast charging, blending and discharging, the MUNSON Batcher on an actual production basis can mix a commercial batch in 1.5 to 3 minutes, and discharge clean at rates up to 75 cu. ft. per minute, provided the receiving equipment can handle the mixer's discharge rate. On completion of discharge, it is immediately ready to be recharged with an identical batch. An access door permits easy cleaning if the batch formula is changed.

While it is designed to be integrated with automatic systems, the MUNSON Glass Batcher is equally suited for installation in basic batch mixing systems.

Rotary Glass Batcher

50 cu. ft. (1.42 cu m) Rotary Glass Batcher with material contact surfaces of abrasion resistant steel.

Glass Blended Rapidly with Abrasion Resistant Rotary Mixer