• Gentle mixing with no shear
  • Small footprint and compact size per amount of material blended
  • Efficient back-flow mixing action: proprietary mixing flights distribute particles dynamically with every degree of drum rotation
  • Highest mechanical efficiency: lowest power usage per amount of material blended
  • Lowest labor cost per amount of material blended
  • External "trunnion rollers" eliminate the need for internal shafts, shaft seals and associated maintenance
  • Mixing drum sealed at both ends to prevent product and atmospheric contamination
  • Capacities to 10,000 cu ft/h (283 m3/h) at standard residence times
  • Uniform blends regardless of disparate bulk densities and particle sizes
  • Long life with minimal maintenance
  • Low power requirements
  • Externally-mounted seals are accessed from outside of the mixing drum for fast, easy replacement