• Grinds friable materials to narrow size ranges; de-agglomerates lumpy materials
  • Simple design — only one moving part contacting material
  • Air-swept principle of operation keeps material cool
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Five rows of intermeshing impact pins
  • Safety interlocked access door/stator disc hinges open for unrestricted access to all internal material contact surfaces
  • Vertical orientation of mill housing offers easier cleaning and sanitizing than horizontal designs
  • Precision machined housing and discs
  • Easy-flow inlet elbow
  • Design efficiency produces high throughput rates per horsepower/kilowatt
  • 5 to 125 hp (4 to 93 kw) inverter-capable motors
  • Multiple V-Belt and sheave drive arrangements. Direct drive on CIM-18 only.

Vertical orientation of mill housing

Vertical orientation of the mill housing allows the stator disc/mill housing to hinge open for rapid cleaning and inspection of all product-contact surfaces. Optional davit arm shown. Removable rotor disc with second davit arm also available.

18 inch (457 mm) diameter Pin Mill

This 18 inch (457 mm) diameter Pin Mill model CIM-18-SS provides coarse to fine (400 mesh) grinding of friable materials into controlled particle sizes, as well as de-agglomerating and conditioning of dry solids. A direct drive system reduces the unit's footprint to about half of that required by a belt driven machine.