Sanitary Paddle Blender Imparts Shear

UTICA, NY — A new Model HD-2.5-5-SSI Sanitary Paddle Blender from Munson Machinery provides added shear to de-agglomerate dry bulk solids, pastes, slurries and/or emulsions of low- to medium-density materials in batches up to 25 cu ft (0.71 m3).

Fabricated of #304 stainless steel, it features a stationary U-shaped vessel with a flat cover, bottom discharge valve, and horizontal flange-mounted agitator that can be removed vertically for rapid sanitizing and maintenance, conserving floor space.

A 10 hp (7.45 kW) wash-down duty motor drives the agitator shaft assembly configured with 16 radial arms and short-length paddles that move material in smaller zones over shorter distances with greater cutting action than possible with ribbon-style agitators. Additional shear is

provided by four independently-powered intensifiers, each driven by a 5 hp (3.73 kW) wash-down duty motor.

The combined action of paddles and agitators effectively blends solids with solids, and solids with low or high percentages of liquids to produce smooth pastes or slurries.

One-piece welded construction, heavy-gauge walls and reinforced end panels, allow paddles to pass within 1/16 to 1/8 in. (1.6 to 3.2 mm) of the vessel wall, minimizing the amount of residual material requiring removal prior to cleaning.

Munson horizontal stationary blenders are equipped as standard with hinged and gasketed cover sections, and removable grating with safety interlocks.

Sanitary Paddle Blender Imparts Shear

Munson Model HD-2.5-5-SSI Sanitary Paddle Blender with two high-speed intensifiers per side, blends dry bulk solids, pastes, slurries and emulsions, free of agglomerates.

Sanitary Paddle Blender Imparts Shear

Intensifiers impart shear and propel material into the path of paddles, reducing agglomerates into discreet particles.